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Vol. 1 (2024): Security Above All!
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Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Machine Intelligence & Security for Smart Cities (TRUST) - June 2024
Pro Universitaria Publishing House - ISBN: 978-606-26-1946-6


The International Conference on Machine Intelligence & Security for Smart Cities (TRUST) 2024, (previously Securing Smart Cities International Conference - SCIC) highlighted key advancements in ICT security and the integration of AI in enhancing security measures. The event addressed critical issues such as ICT Security Solutions in European enterprises, the relationship between AI and cybersecurity, and the future trajectory of this dynamic. Discussions included practical implementations of ICT security and the profound impacts of AI on cybersecurity. The conference also focused on inclusivity and the role of education in combating misinformation. Topics covered included the need for accessible environments for people with disabilities, strategies to empower individuals with critical thinking skills to fight fake news, and the broader implications of cybersecurity breaches on international political landscapes. Studies on cybercrime's impact on data security and various hypothetical and real scenarios of attacks against smart cities were also featured, providing comprehensive insights into the evolving landscape of smart city security.

Published: 2024-07-16


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